How you can help

If you are interested in joining the fight for the rhino there are many ways in which you can help.


Fundraising is a big part of all conservation activities and can range from jumping out of a plane to cake sales. No matter how big or how small, the effort to raise money to end rhino poaching is always appreciated.


Donations are the most direct way to save rhinos, whether it’s through the Save the Rhino website, sponsorship or via other means, all money is going to a good cause.


Joining a charity such as Save the Rhinois another great way to play your part, providing the vital support these creatures need to survive.

Volunteer Programmes

Volunteer programmes are also an option and are available throughout Africa. These programmes help to generate funds for local projects and, while hard work, are incredibly fulfilling.

Visitng Rhinos

Placing money into the African tourism economy is an essential part of conserving not only the rhino but its habitat and the local communities that live alongside it. The empowerment of local communities through tourism allows them to generate their own income and helps finance educational programmes to aid generations to come understand the importance of wildlife conservation.

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Honeymoon to South Africa and Mauritius during June 2014

Customer Review

Highlights: Out on safari, driving amongst a herd of elephants enjoying their tea, having an ice cold Castle beer in the bush whilst the sun goes down, monkeys stealing fruit from our balcony and posing for pictures afterwards, watching a multitude of wild life drinking from the water below our balc...

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Mr Alan Molloy

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