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Mobile safaris enable you to get into the heart of the African bush. Whether you choose a private luxury camp or a rustic walking option, mobiles are all about privacy and flexibility; a luxury in itself. The camp is moved from location to location, the more up market options are set up in advance of your arrival.

What to Expect

Mobile safaris are reminiscent of the expeditions undertaken by the early explorers. These types of safaris are lead by a professional guide who is accompanied by a small convoy of camp staff and equipment necessary for a self contained journey through the wilderness.

mobile Safaris

At the top end of the scale the mobile tents have proper beds, en suite bathrooms with hot showers, your own chef and even a mobile bar. The simple options using private camp sites still offer relative comfort with a shared shower and toilet and comfortable mattresses, there is even a separate mess and bar tent or dine out under the stars depending on the season. Whatever grade of safari you choose, one thing is certain, camping no longer means having to rough it. In fact, even a budget, participation safari offers a level of comfort that most people would not associate with camping in the wild. There is something magical about the atmosphere created by the soft, warm glow of a paraffin lantern, showering under the starry night sky, and the flicker and warmth of a campfire.

This style of trip is particularly recommended for the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, the Kafue National Park in Zambia and the Okavango Delta in Botswana where seasonal migrations are the focus for game viewing; mobile safaris enable you to respond to game movements as you leave the crowds behind and immerse yourself in the wilderness.

mobile Safaris

In most cases the safaris take advantage of exclusive locations, mostly in private concessions. Mobile safaris are designed for small groups of between 6 and 12 guests or tailor made private groups. This ensures that you enjoy exclusivity and personal attention. In contrast to the constant comings and goings of the lodges, a mobile safari offers the traveller a welcome sense of continuity, and an opportunity to get to know your guide and fellow travelling companions, enhancing your experience.

mobile Safaris

A typical mobile safari itinerary may vary between 6 and 10 nights in length, visiting various different areas within the National Parks and Reserves, spending 2 to 3 nights at any one location. In addition to daily game drives, a variety of activities are generally offered over the course of your itinerary. These may include walking trails, boat trips, night drives, scenic flights, cultural tours or other adventure activities depending on your location. Some mobile trips are even defined by the self-propelled nature of the experience, whether this be on foot, canoe or bicycle.

mobile Safaris

The thrill of a mobile safari is not only in the destination, but the journey itself. A mobile safari is the ultimate safari experience in one of Africa's last true wildernesses.

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Holiday to Botswana and Zimbabwe during November 2014

Customer Review

Kwando Lebala camp was perfect. The accommodation was luxurious, the living areas comfortable and well situated with stunning views, the staff and managers were all exceptionally friendly and helpful and our guide - Partner and tracker - 'OT' were extremely friendly and knowledgeable and ensured tha...

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