Game viewing report for Old Mondoro Bush Camp in July

July has definitely been the month of the leopards, almost all the guests that visited Old Mondoro in the Lower Zambezi National Park had great leopard sightings to boast about. Of all the leopards that were spotted one particular male has made so many appearances that he has become almost like our own celebrity in camp. He was spotted in the same tree 4 nights in a row, and has absolutely no hassles with the vehicles and their squirming passengers. He is so relaxed with the vehicles that almost every time he is seen he seems to find a nice spot to sleep next to the vehicle. One evening a female leopard was spotted with him, she suddenly dashed into the long grass and 2 minutes later came out of the grass with an Impala in her jaws! The resident male then wrestled the carcass from her and pulled it up the same tree he was spotted in the previous three nights.

The female then attempted to get her fair share but the male would have none of it, he virtually bashed the female out of the tree and the guests saw her dangling for dear life below the tree branch only managing to hang on with her claws similar to a baby baboon clinging to its mother’s belly! She then skulked off into the grass leaving the male with the prize an amazing sighting to say the least.

Old Mondoro had a remarkable 13 nights in a row of leopard sightings in July of which two nights delivered two leopards and one night provided the guests with a kill, so in total 15 leopards was seen in 13 nights, proving that Old Mondoro still lives up to its reputation of being an excellent leopard destination.

We are heading into the busy stretch of the season, which also means the valley is entering the crux of it game viewing period, the Old Mondoro team eagerly awaits the rest of the season’s guests and cant wait to see what the bush is willing to deliver, be it Leopards hunting next to camp or Lions sleeping next to the kitchen only the next day can tell.