Mahlatini has been proud sponsors of leading rhino conservation charity Save the Rhino International for over five years. In that time, we have worked hand in hand with the organisation to raise over £12,500. Money raised through our complimentary Survive membership scheme, donation of auction prizes and purchasing merchandise has helped us work towards our shared goal of saving the rhino from illegal poaching and safeguarding the African rhino population for future generations.

Rhinos in kenya save the rhino

Rhinos in Kenya (Image: Save the Rhino)

Illegal poaching of black and white rhinos in Africa remains the number one threat to their existence. It is well publicised that rhinos are targeted by poachers for their horns. Due to this ongoing threat, the species’ numbers have fallen from nearly 500,000 around 100 years ago, to only 30,000 today. In 2017 in South Africa alone, 1,028 rhinos were brutally murdered by illegal poachers.

Despite this, due to huge conservation programmes supported by charities like Save the Rhino, numbers are now growing in Kenya, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Thanks to Mahlatini and other sponsors support, the charity can fund rangers on the ground who help protect the rhino. In the last decade more than 1,000 rangers have lost their lives in the line of duty. By equipping rangers with high quality equipment they stand the best chance of staying safe and protecting rhino populations.

Rangers help save the rhino

Rangers monitoring rhinos (Image: Save the Rhino)

Save the Rhino has been able to expand canine units across the projects they fund, helping to stop poaching criminals. Dog squads are highly effective at detecting illegally smuggled wildlife products and are excellent at tracking and apprehending poachers.

Charities also support local community’s environmental education programmes that share their habitat. Mostly aimed at schoolchildren, these programmes provide a general basis for ecological and conservational teachings.

Education doesn’t stop in the local communities. In parts of China and Vietnam the rhino horn is still perceived to have medicinal properties. As a result of this funds are being directed into social marketing campaigns. These are designed to inform and educate, with the principle message that contrary to some beliefs in the region, the rhino horn has no medicinal properties.

educating children to save the rhino zambia

Environmental education in Zambia (Image: Tristan Vince)

Through our partnership with Save the Rhino, Mahlatini has inspired hundreds of our clients to take advantage of our Survive membership scheme. Mahlatini donations are vital in protecting rhinos and helping them to thrive in the wild.

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Visit our website where you can learn more about how you can play your part in rhino conservation.

Save the Rhino are a registered charity (number 1035072) and you can view their website here.