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Client Score: 4
Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero

Peter & Susan Ruranski


As safari lodges go this would be hard to beat for luxury and our fellow American guests loved it noting particularly it's air-conditioning and the refrigerator in each room. My wife loved it too enjoying the spa facilities and it certainly was the most comfortable lodge we stayed in. Having a fair amount of experience of African safaris I would class this as an hotel in the bush rather than a lodge. The food here was of the highest standard that we encountered in all the places that we stayed at. The rooms were very spacious with air-conditioning and facilities that would rival most luxurious hotel rooms in Europe. Staff here were particularly friendly without being intrusive. Game viewing in Chobe is limited because vehicles are restricted to the roads within the park and at times it did seem like Piccadilly Circus with vehicles crowding round interesting sightings.Similarly the boat trips on the Chobe river were crowded with boats and since many of the lodges were only half full and it was the low season I can only imagine what it would be like in high season. Not withstanding this the lodge itself is situated in a place of outstanding beauty and would be an ideal place for visitors new to the African experience.Having said all that I was quite happy to enjoy the luxury after some of the rigours of the bush.

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