Family Holiday to Tanzania

Jens von Gierke

The Mahlatini Hotels were a good selection. All logistics and transportation worked out well.

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Family Holiday to Botswana & Zambia

Shaun Flanagan

Family Holiday to Mauritius

Jeffrey, Anita and Boswell Family

Great location and lovely hotel, if a little boutique like for us. Weather unfortunately wasn't great so will probably go again in March/April

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Family Holiday to South Africa

James Kelly

We had the MOST incredible trip! Mahlatini handled every detail so perfectly leaving us the ability to completely relax and enjoy each destination. Each of their recommendations were perfectly suited to our group. It was truly the trip of a lifetime.

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Family Holiday to Botswana, South Africa & Zambia

Darrell Spinks

We had an outstanding vacation in Cape Town and on safari at several camps which will remain as one of our favourite trips anywhere in the world! Experiencing a safari had been on our list for years and although we had received some advice and done some research, we found being on safari was a singular, immersive and very absorbing experience.

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Family Holiday to South Africa

Andrew & Lisa Hovell

Fantastic holiday in two wonderful hotels. We knew the Mount Nelson would be fabulous (it always is) but The Oyster Box was just faultless in every way, the accommodation, the food were outstanding and the staff another level of excellence. The location of The Oyster Box is just beautiful, waking up to the stunning vista every morning was just amazing. The curry buffet was stunning, and the overall quality of…

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Family Holiday to Lesotho

Susan & Jeremy White

Family Holiday to South Africa & Zimbabwe

Mark, Rachel & Baillache Family

Really great holiday. All organised extremely well. Kids all agreed it was the best family holiday we have had (and we had some great holidays having lived in Asia for 3 years). To be fair it was not cheap (!) but there were so many different experiences in the 2.5 weeks and we could never have pieced such an itinerary together by ourselves - no chance. Can't wait to do it again.

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Family Holiday to South Africa

Sarah & Bruno Hiernard

Everything was so very well organised from courier of tickets, escorting from plane on landing, airport transfers, room ready on arrival - we could not fault anything.

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Family Holiday to South Africa

Ivan & Mary Graydon

Very well thought out and organised

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