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Oman with its hypnotising landscapes and rich cultural traditions offers a unique honeymoon experience. It's the antithesis of Dubai with not a skyscraper in sight, instead a landscape of mountains, lush hills and desert behind a stunning coastline.

Adventuring on an Oman honeymoon at Shangri-La Relaxation at the Chedi Muscat Spa Relaxation Lounge Magnificent Al Bustan

Offering one of the oldest civilisations in the Arabian Peninsula, Oman would certainly suit honeymoon couples in search of culture. Combine this with gorgeous weather, world-class hotels and outstanding cuisine and Oman suddenly looks like an ideal honeymoon destination.

You will be seduced by the souks and Bedouin Camps, and the alluring markets, mosques and museums will enthral you. There are many activities such as desert safaris, camel racing, turtle watching, wadi-bashing and shopping in the famous Nizwa Souk which are certainly worthy of your attention.

Utterly romantic, Oman offers a sense of off-the-beaten track mysticism combined with incomparable honeymoon luxury. Our honeymoon experts are passionate about Oman and ensuring that your experience of Arabia is as memorable and unique as possible.

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  • Mountains, lush hills and desert
  • A great climate and beautiful beaches lined with swaying date palms
  • Not a skyscraper in sight - the antithesis of Dubai
  • Luxurious Arabian-style hotels
  • Colourful citrus groves, traditional reed houses and grand, whitewashed desert forts
  • The capital, Muscat, lining a natural, picturesque harbour overlooked by the twin Portuguese colonial forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani
  • The dramatic Zighy mountains on the Musandam Peninsula
  • The important turtle nesting site of Ras al-Jinz, part of the eastern Arabian Peninsula
  • Camel treks, 4x4 desert safaris and quad bike safaris in the Wahiba Sands
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Shangri-La Barr Jissah

Opulent Oman and Zanzibar Holiday

Cost Per Person
From $4,030 (Includes international flights from JFK)
Zanzibar Island

Six Senses Zighy Bay Luxury Escape

Cost Per Person
From $2,620 (Includes international flights from JFK)
(1) Long-Pool

The Chedi Luxury Oman Holiday

Cost Per Person
From $1,870 (Includes international flights from JFK)