The weather in Kenya

Situated on the equator with an agreeable, tropical climate, Kenya is considered the birthplace of safari. With a variety of landscapes, Kenya's weather can vary from cooler temperatures in the areas of high altitude to the year round hot and humid coast.

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Due to being so close to the equator, Kenya doesn't experience as distinct a Winter and Summer as other countries, but does still have wet and dry seasons. Wet season is from November to May and day time temperatures can reach a high of 27°C/81°F in high altitude areas (Masai Mara) and 30°C/86°F in lower areas (Coast). June to October is the dry season and temperatures during these months can vary significantly across regions and altitudes. Daytime temperatures are usually around 23°C/73°F at higher altitudes and 28°C/82°F at lower altitudes.

Kenya Holidays - best times to visit...

Here is a general guide for the best times to visit for some of Kenya's popular activities:

  • Photography: Wildlife is easiest spotted and photographed between June to October.
  • Horticulture: April/ May is the 'green' season.
  • Safari: Year Round. Peak season is June to October, corresponding with the dry season and Wildebeest Migration moving through the Masai Mara.
  • Beach Time: June to October
  • Bird watching: September to April

Please contact the Mahlatini team if you have a question about the Kenya climate and the choice of luxury accommodation we offer.

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