Kenyan Wildlife Sighting Stories

Read a few snippets of the amazing animal experiences and close-encounters that Mahlatini holiday-makers and guides have experienced in Kenya's spectacular wildlife habitats.

5Mount-Meru-National-Park---Cheli-and-Peacock-Photo 2Elephants-and-Mount-Kilimanjaro-in-the-Amboseli---Photo-Cheli--Peacock Wildebeest-crossing-a-river-in-the-Masai-Mara
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Early August

The yearly migration has arrived in Kenya with the first zebras and wildebeest entering the Masai Mara. The forerunners arrived a little earlier than usual but millions more are expected to arrive behind them. Familiar noisy grunts fill the air as wildebeest cross into the plains. The crocodiles and other predators seem to sense their arrival, moving in to take advantage of an easy meal at the crossing points. These lead to some incredibly exciting sightings for the nearby guests as they experience this amazing annual act of nature.

Late August

Guides Stefano and Liz regale with their description of wildlife spotting from Kenyan lodge bars: "I can't stress how wonderful it was to on another Kenya safari watching buffalo, elephants, Grevy zebra and waterbuck at the water hole in front of our camp. While we where having drinks before dinner we watched a herd of about thirty Grevy zebra approach the water hole and then bunch together. The behaviour was a little strange and we wondered if it was because of the lights from the camp. Suddenly they all stampeded and went straight for the camp and broke the low subtle electric fence we have to keep the game out! We were all shocked, but then saw that right behind the Zebras was a hunting lioness!"

The lodge have been struggling to keep the game out as the only green grass is inside the camp fence line. One elephant has worked out how to step over the two electric lines and has decided that going backwards, bottom-first, is best.

One group was delighted to stumble upon the most beautiful leopard, lying in a tree in a perfect "Take a picture of me" pose, just 200 metres from their camp. The last guests to leave ended on a high, spotting a cheetah and lion on their last game drive before heading home.