Mandrare River Camp

Located in the remote south of Madagascar, Mandrare River Camp's off-the-beaten-path location offers its guests exclusive access to one of world's most unique ecosystems. Here you can experience this rare and important environment up close and immerse yourself in the biological and cultural diversity of Madagascar.

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With views of the tranquil waters of the Mandrare River, you can watch the sun rise over the mountains in the arid desert and listen to the distant singing of local Tandroy women fetching water from the river. The Mandrare River is the lifeblood of the region and sustains the nearby village of Ifotaka and its sacred ancestral forests. It's one of the most unique and remote biological regions on planet earth, the river makes life possible for countless endemic plants, lemurs, and chameleons. Here you will be able to gain some insights into the rich Antandroy culture and Madagascar's unique spiny forests.

At the lodge there are seven en-suite tents located under the shade of tamarind trees.

Evenings are spent on the banks of the river, watching the sunset surrounded by the soft glow of hurricane lanterns. Enjoy a drink around the campfire before sharing dinner with the camp host and other guests or if you are seeking some privacy, have dinner brought to your terrace for a more intimate dining experience. The lodge serves the freshest and finest Malagasy produce, blended in a French style by the excellent chefs.

A stay at Mandrare is usually combined with a stay at Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge. Between the two, you can experience seven different ecosystems that include the arid and otherworldly spiny forest of Androy and the beautiful rainforests of the east coast of southern Madagascar.

Getting There

Scheduled charter flight directly to the camp or the daily Air Tsaradia service to Fort Dauphin. Mandrare is a 4 hour drive from Fort Dauphin with a private shuttle service.


Activities are individually tailored to the guests' needs and include visits to Ifotaka Community Forest, the Sacred Gallery Forest and the Sacred Spiney Forest, as well as, night walks, day trips to Lake Anony, village walks and market visits, bird watching, a baobab sundowner and a riverbank sundowner.

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