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In the far north of Madagascar, approximately 40km south of Diego Suarez, sits a montane rainforest, Amber Mountain National Park. Home to an array of endemic fauna and flora, the park has staggeringly high peaks, crater lakes, and lush forests with crashing waterfalls. Always cool and fresh, the park is perfect for guided and unguided walks with trails through the forest leading to the Cascade d'Antomboka and Cascade Sacrée waterfalls.

lemur amber national mountain park amber mountain park amber national park
  • Renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty of crater lakes and waterfalls
  • Witness a number of endemic species, including the Sanford's brown lemur
  • Explore the lush montane rainforest on local guided walks
  • Home to the world's smallest chameleon, brookesia micra chameleon
  • Discover the Sacred waterfall that plummets into a turquoise pool of water
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You will be surrounded by huge strangler figs, quinine tree, cycads and enormous birdsnest ferns. Keep your eyes open for some of the amber-coloured resin that is found in the trees, from which the park takes its name, and which is still used by the Malagasy people for medicinal purposes.

Whilst on foot you will have the opportunity to discover Amber Mountain's lemurs beneath the canopy, including the Sanford's brown lemur and crowned lemur. Look out for the smaller wildlife such as the 2cm, long leaf-mimic brookesia chameleon, leaftailed geckos, Malagasy civet, tree boas, butterflies and pill millipedes.

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