The rainforests of Andasibe Mantadi

Andasibe, in eastern Madagascar, is the perfect place from which to experience Madagascar's lush endemic rainforest. En route to Andasibe, you will journey through rice fields, redbrick houses, and roadside stalls selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. Visitor highlights include two protected areas, Mantadia National Park and the Perinet Special Reserve.

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  • Hear the call of the world's largest lemur, the Indri, at Perinet Reserve
  • Uncover exceptional birdwatching experiences, including the Velvet Asity
  • Witness a number of endemic species, from lemurs to birds
  • Explore the lush rainforest on foot to uncover natural pools and waterfalls
  • Renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty of untouched rainforest
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Perinet Reserve is one of the country's best places to see Madagascar's largest lemur, the Indri, with its barely visible tail, black and white markings and a surprised teddy-bear face. It has a haunting call that can be heard for up to 3km away. As you walk through the rainforest you have the chance of spotting another 11 species of lemur including Grey Bamboo lemurs, Common Brown lemur and Diademed Sifaka. Aside from lemurs, the Reserve offers endemic bird species such as the Velvet Asity, Blue Coua and Nuthatch Vanga and is home to many reptiles, invertebrates, and some of Madagascar's over a thousand orchid species.

Comprised of virtually untouched primary rainforest, Mantadia National park is home to different species than those seen in Perinet. It's also taller, wilder and less crowded, a naturalist's goldmine with many seldom seen species of mammals, reptiles and birds. Explore this stunning park on a full day or morning's outing on the lookout for a host of lemur species and an abundance of birds including the Scaly Ground Roller, Pitta-Like Ground Roller and Red Breasted Coua.

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