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Located in northern Madagascar, south of Diego Suarez, Ankarana National Park is a geographical wonder - a unique island of limestone spires or 'Tsingys', raging rivers, tropical jungle, canyons, and underground caves, some of which have collapsed forming isolated pockets of river-fed forest with their own perfectly protected flora and fauna. Ankarana was a natural shelter for the Ankarana people whose kings were buried in the caves.

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  • Explore the varied landscape with a diverse range of hiking trails
  • Discover Africa's largest interconnected underground cave network
  • Visit Crocodile Cave, home to the rare cave-dwelling crocodiles
  • Witness a number of endemic species, including the Sanford's brown lemur
  • Uncover exceptional birdwatching experiences, with over 100 species recorded
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Due to this varied landscape, the park is a popular choice with hikers, with a diverse range of trails, combined with some excellent wildlife viewing. Ankarana has Africa's largest interconnected underground cave network with a total length of 120km. Some of the caves can be visited, others are sacred and wont' allow visitors. In the caves you may find blind fish and crabs, arachnids and bats. Crocodile Cave is home to the rare cave-dwelling crocodiles.

In the dry forest and between the Tsingys there are eleven species of lemurs, including Crowned and Sanford's Brown Lemurs as well as the ever-playful Ring-Tailed Lemur. You may also be lucky enough to spot the fossa, Madagascar's largest predator, leaf-tailed geckos and the bizarre hedgehog tenrec.

There's over 100 species of birds to be found as well as specially adapted flora, including endemic baobabs, 'peeling' Commiphora trees and Adenia, a balloon-like water-storing plant. From the highest point of the park, Point de Vue (lookout), you can see the whole park up to the Mozambique Channel.

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