Visit Madagascar's capital Antananarivo

Shortened to 'Tana', Antananarivo is Madagascar's capital and largest city, and usually the starting point of your Madagascar holiday. As you fly in over the city expect to see red clay houses, steepled churches and a mosaic of paddy fields.

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Founded in the early 17th century, with a huge amount of history and culture to discover it's worth putting up with the unfortune traffic and pollution issues for the palaces, museums and contemporary dining. With incredible views at every turn, it can be a vibrant mish mash of colonial and modern architecture, French boutiques and bustling craft markets, cobbled streets and coloured balconied houses.

During your stay, a city tour is a must, giving you the chance to see the old quarter of the town, and to visit the 19th century royal palace, overlooking the city, as well as the Prime Minister's and Queen's palaces. You will be able to shop in the markets and artisan boutiques offering handicrafts, jewelry, oils and spices and textiles. End the tour sampling the island's cosmopolitan cuisine, where a selection of restaurants offer a blend of French, Indonesian and African flavours.

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