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Located in the southwest region of Madagascar, Isalo National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Its attraction is in its sumptuous landscapes of vast rolling plains, sweeping canyons and stunning sandstone rock towers.

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These Jurassic landscapes offer rewarding trekking opportunities and the chance to see rare endemic flora and fauna including lemurs, 80 species of bird (including the rare Benson's Rock-Thrush, the Knob-Billed Duck and the Crested Ibis), 35 species of reptiles and several endemic frogs. As well as this, the park was sacred to the Bara tribe who, for hundreds of years, used caves in the canyon walls as burial sites.

We recommend a full day of guided walking in the park to explore this diverse park. There are a variety of possible trails depending on your interests and physical abilities. One of the more popular trails is the 'Canyon des Singes' which winds through the dense foliage of the forest and brilliantly colored rock formations to reach a beautiful rock pool known as the 'piscine naturelle'. On your walk be sure to look out for Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Brown Lemurs and Sifakas hiding in dense vegetation along the streams.

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