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Rearing dramatically from the landscape, the Zomba Plateau touches the clouds at 2087m high. A handsome slice of natural beauty, expect some of the best views in Malawi and untamed wilderness that is unquestionably explorable.

Zomba Plateau horse riding,Zomba Plateau Zomba Plateau
  • Packed with waterfalls and lush forests
  • Rare tree species, including the Mulanje Cedar
  • Sweeping views over the Shire River Valley
  • Malumbe Peak, the Plateau's highest point
  • Exciting drives along the top of the Plateau
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The mountainous mass is found northwest of Zomba City and covers around 130kmĀ², much of which is part of Malawi's oldest forest reserve and well protected. Vegetation on the Plateau is a muddle of Brachystegia woodland and indigenous riverine and montane forest set alongside invading pine and cedar. The top of Zomba is a streaked by streams that burst over cliffs into waterfalls and picturesque lakes. Discover cliff-top plunges of up to 1,200m as the massif falls away into the Upper Shire Valley on its northwest side - the accompanying vistas are nothing short of breath-taking.

Take in Malumbe Peak, the Plateau's highest point, and embark on a daring drive along the very top of Zomba, admiring the captivating scenery as you pass by. Exploring on foot is also an option and is perhaps a better option to observe smaller wildlife species and really savour the scenery. For something a little different trout fishing and horse rides can be arranged.

A pretty sight you find on holidays to Zomba Plateau is the giant butterflies that call it home; they are joined by a number of small species with excellent sightings of baboons to enjoy on the lower slopes of the mountain. While extremely rare, there is also the chance to see leopard, although a sighting would be very lucky. Birding is wonderful with a number of raptors to spot, including the augur buzzard and the long-crested eagle. To get the most out of Zomba Plateau, Ku Chawe Inn is the best place to stay: accommodation is comfortable and the views fantastic.

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