Holiday to Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Seychelles, Tanzania & Zimbabwe

David Clemons

Since 2007 we have been traveling and we've been to well over 125 countries and islands. This trip was the big one, the one that took me the most amount of time, money, energy, you make it. My expectations were extremely high, I planned this trip 3 years ago and slowly pieced it together over the years, and divine intervention I bumped into Claire and Mahlatini and ultimately this trip…

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Family Holiday to Malawi, South Africa & Zambia

Valerie Clifford

Officially the best family trip ever!

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Family Holiday to Malawi

Laurent & Karin Vuichard

Amazing. So easy to drive and to find locations. Thanks for your excellent trip preparation.

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Holiday to Malawi

Tracy Bullinger

Mvuu Lodge was amazing!I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see any Lions (they were in quarantine until 5/25) or black rhino - only 10 on property but the experience overall was wonderful - the people were great! The Korean Hotel was less desirable. WE didn't feel safe leaving the hotel grounds so ate dinner at the hotel. Food was good but the rooms…

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Holiday to Malawi & Zambia

Bernard Touraine & Jocelyne Vade

 Everything was on schedule...  The weather was perfect, (and not too warm for european people...)  The driver / guide (Francis) was a very nice person,  full of initiatives...

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Holiday to Malawi

Constantin Milea

Beautiful country with fantastic places

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Holiday to Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda & South Africa

Mr Ian Smith & Ms Susan Bain

Overall we had an excellent trip. The recommended hotels and arrangements were excellent. Once again Mahlatini has shown that it provides an excellent services in the luxury travel market. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mahlatini to other travellers.

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Holiday to Malawi & Zambia


All connections and arrangements worked perfectly. Though asked to sign a document waiving all rights by Malawian Style, managed to ignore, but a little disconcerting. The country is very dry and struggling at this time of year

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Family Holiday to Kenya, Malawi & Tanzania

Phillip & Linda Carling

Overall it was an amazing trip with definite segments ; animals , walking , memory lane and beach . The whole family loved it ; friendly and courteous people wherever we went , locations to die for , memories for a life time !

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Family Holiday to Malawi

Roy Fraser & Anne Pfitzinger

Great voyage of discovery, learning and adventure

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