Reethi Beach Resort

With a stay at Reethi Beach Resort guests can experience complete barefoot luxury. Located in the Baa Atoll on a tiny Island, the property offers a tropical escape with all the modern comforts the discerning traveller expects and a range of excellent facilities and activities. Guests can expect an intimate time at Reethi, with staff owning a fantastic sense of service to personalise a stay. The island on which the resort is set is called Fonimagoodhoo and measures only 600m by 200m. Guests can enjoy a casual stroll along the soft white shores and make a complete circuit of the island in around 20 minutes.

The house reef at the resort is an excellent spot for diving, with the resort's PADI 5-star Dive Centre the perfect base from which to explore some of the 30 dive sites the area has to offer. Guests can also experience the clear waters after dark with exciting night dives. For complete relaxation the property's spa is the obvious answer. Found on the beachfront, the spa boasts a variety of soothing treatments, from massages to manicures, delivered by highly trained professionals.

The villas at the property are comfortable and all feature air conditioning, satellite television and either king or twin beds. Some of the villas are set on the beach while others are set on stilts over the lagoon. The latter villas are well suited for couples and honeymooners with the novelty of being over the water particularly romantic.

How to get to Reethi Beach Resort

A 35 minute flight from Male, followed by a 15 minute boat trip.

Activities at Reethi Beach Resort

Diving, diversity of water sports including windsurfing and catamaran sailing, two floodlit tennis courts, a gym, a fresh water swimming pool and much more.

Selected Itineraries

Our favorite itineraries that visit Reethi Beach Resort

Dubai and Maldives Luxury City and Beach Honeymoon

Cost Per Person
Cost Per Person: from $7,100 (Includes international flights from JFK)
Maldives, United Arab Emirates