Inhambane & Barra Peninsula

The coastal Inhambane Province is found in Southern Mozambique and boasts an alluring tropical climate. The main attractions here are the provincial capital, also called Inhambane; a bustling city that offers compelling history and unique architectural heritage; and the beautiful Barra Peninsula where you can enjoy golden beaches and sensational scuba diving.

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  • Vibrant marine life including mantra rays and whale sharks
  • Explore Inhambane city's rich history and the bustling Mercado Central
  • Bask on the beautiful beaches of Tofo and Barra
  • Sensational scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities
  • Flexible booking terms
  • Secured deposit
  • 100% financial protection
  • Stringent safety & hygiene standards
  • Tried & trusted by our clients
  • Emergency medical care

Set in the natural harbour of Inhambane Bay, Inhambane is a historic city and one of the oldest settlements on the Mozambique coast. Once a buzzing trade port the sleepy metropolis now acts as an excellent base from which to explore the nearby beaches of Barra and Tofo. Possessing a warm Mediterranean charm the city's colonial buildings are complemented by clean leafy avenues and a number of small attractions. The Mercado Central is a bustling craft market, while the city's architectural heritage is infinitely curious and is interesting to absorb. Take in the unique sight of Muslim, Portuguese and African buildings standing side by side.

Beaches in the area are superb, with Tofo the main tourist hub. Only 22km from Inhambane, relax on the sprawling beach, take to the waves for some surfing or dive beneath them. You can also enjoy a spot of fishing or exploring Tofo town. The coastline is best known for its large numbers of manta ray, which can be seen throughout the year, and, during the summer months, whale sharks are present. This species of shark is the largest known fish on earth, so the chance to see one is always a highlight

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