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The Nampula Province covers a magnificent landscape of rugged coastline and vast plains of verdant countryside, and while a lesser-visited part of Mozambique paying attention to the province certainly has its rewards. Alive with a heavy buzz, the city's main plaza and flame trees are quite appealing. Explore Mozambique's only UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ilha do Moçambique for the rich history and culture.

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  • Learn about Ilha do Moçambique history and culture
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  • Stunning lush landscape with rugged coastline and plains of countryside
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The main attraction is found to the far east of the city and set just off of the Mozambican coast. Ilha do Moçambique (Mozambique Island) is a mecca for history and culture - a curious homage to the days of Portuguese occupation and Mozambiquee's only UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The island is found 3km offshore and while only measuring around 2.5 km in length became an important trading post and naval port for the Portuguese during the 1500's. The island underwent many developments throughout its 400 year occupation, with a variety of grand coral and stone buildings erected. The Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte is interesting to explore, and is thought to date back as early as 1522, while the old hospital is an equally appealing site. Fort São Sebastião (St Sebastian) however steals the limelight. This foreboding structure is one of the most impressive military fortresses on the continent and oozes history. With so much to see and do holidays to Nampula & Ilha de Mocambique offer a unique and incredible experience.

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