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The lush savannah area of the Caprivi Strip is a dramatic contrast to the rest of Namibia. Stretching eastwards to the border junction of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia this 450km strip of land is a wetland paradise with broad perennial rivers fringed by papyrus and palm trees. Meet the local people and experience village life or explore the backwaters and floodplains which surround you with color and life.

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  • Discover an area with lush savannah scenery and floodplains
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  • Authentic cultural experiences including village visits
  • Uncover exceptional birdwatching and fishing experiences
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The land stretches out over lush floodplains and woodlands, and due to this permanent water wildlife here is rife. Expect to see elephant, buffalo, hippo, lion, wild dog and antelope in great numbers. Almost 70% of the bird species found in Namibia have been recorded in the Caprivi and it is also a popular fishing destination.

There are five protected areas within the Caprivi Strip and in all of them you'll find big game. Luxury lodges here provide excellent activities including boat cruises, guided island walks, fly fishing, birding, cultural village visits and sunset cruises.

Holidays to the Caprivi Strip can be a great opportunity to meet the many and varied peoples of Namibia and experience village life. Towns in the region are small but the people who populate them are naturally warm and welcoming. Their way of life is a traditional one and meeting them will be an unforgettable part of a trip to the area.

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