Holidays to the Kalahari

Quite dissimilar to the neighboring Namib, the Kalahari covers a vast array of landscapes and isn't simply defined by swirling red dunes. The Kalahari, while arid, has the ability to support a wider variety of life thanks to higher levels of rainfall and greener vegetation, with short grasses and Camelthorn trees dotting parts of the hinterland.

Game ranch Meerkat Bushmen
  • Discover demi-desert landscape and dramatic scenery
  • Home to rare species, including the elusive pangolin and porcupine
  • Immersive cultural experiences with the San Bushmen
  • Home to the famous black-maned Kalahari lions
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In spite of the reasonably harsh conditions found in this part of the world, life still manages to find a way. The desert is home to a number of species; unexpected diversity is very much the Kalahari's ace up its sleeve. Stalking the plains there's the chance sighting of lion, notable in the area for their distinctive black manes. Cute meerkats are joined by a variety of plains game, including oryx, kudu, giraffe and hartebeest. There's also the chance to see slightly more elusive residents such as pangolin and porcupine.

On holidays to the Kalahari discover the traditional home of the San Bushmen, with many of these fascinating people still living in the area. From certain camps excursions to a Bushman village are possible. During these trips you not only have the chance to meet the people but gain an incredible insight into their way of life; discovering how they hunt, which plants are used for medicinal purposes and how they survive in the unforgiving semi-desert. The Kalahari is an interesting alternative to the Namib and certainly a unique addition to an itinerary.

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