The weather in Namibia

Situated in southwest Africa, Namibia is a vast and unspoilt country with landscapes ranging from desert and coastal wilderness to salt pans, rugged mountains and the lush Caprivi Strip. With a subtropical desert climate, Namibia has great differences between its day and night temperatures, with low rainfall and low humidity generally.

Dead Vlei Namibia Flamingos.png Hoanib Desert Oasis

Namibia has Winter and Summer seasons at opposite times of the year to Europe and North America. With almost no rain for 6 months of the year, the Winter/dry season in Namibia is from May to October. The wet season is from November to April and it can be strikingly hot during these months.

Namibia Safaris - best times to visit...

Here is a general guide for the best times to visit for some of Namibia' popular activities:

  • Photography: Scenery in the 'green' season from November to April and wildlife in dry season May to October.
  • Horticulture: November to April is the 'green' season.
  • Safari: Year round. Peak season is July to October when it is the driest to see animals at the waterholes.
  • Bird watching: The best time to see birds is from September to April when many migrating birds move in. Flamingos generally lay their eggs in February and March
  • Shoulder Season Rates: April

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