Discover Arabian opulence with tradition

Looking for the traditional flavour of Arabia? Then the Sultanate of Oman is for you. One of the UAE'S oldest civilisations, the Arab state is as authentic as you can get. Rich in culture and history, expect a very different experience to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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A good introduction to the Middle East, we know this land of desert, craggy mountains and stunning coastline, will have you hooked.

Known as the jewel in Arabia's crown, Oman's penchant for tradition shines through in its classic architecture and style. Hotels are beyond imagination, with plush resorts fashioned after the Arabian palaces of old - extravagance receives a whole new meaning.

A visit to Muscat (the capital city) is perfect for classy examples of Omani flair. Expect old-world charm off-set by modern luxury and discover exotic souks (open-air markets) and fine museums bursting with character.

Scenery is iconic and typically Arabian. Winding desert sands are a lost world, unexplored, remote and in need of your attention.

We recommend that you don't miss the cultural must-see of Wahiba Sands, with the chance to meet the Bedouins; local people still living as their ancestors did thousands of years ago.

The people in this part of the world really made our experience; charming, warm and friendly. Stunning backdrops aside, the hospitality you'll experience in Oman is second to none.

Self driving is a popular way to explore the country, and staying independent can heighten the experience - a great option for families, visit sprawling UNESCO World Heritage forts and watch turtles nest at Ras Al Junaiyz.

Holidays to Oman also deliver exquisite beaches and vast star filled skies, which happily set the scene for romance. Adventure is never far away with camel rides and quad biking the only ways to traverse the desert sands.

If you ask us, a budding exotic taste and an interest in fascinating heritage is all you'll need to make the most of this captivating destination.

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Quick Facts

  • Arrival airports: Muscat
  • Time difference: EST +8 Hours
  • Travel time: approx. 15 hours from New York
  • Visas: Required for United States citizens

When to visit Oman?

When to visit Oman?
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