British Travel Award Winners 2018 African travel and tourism association Feefo Gold Award
4.9/5 rating based on 939 customer reviews

Joanna Bellavia & Jonathan Sisto

William Rinn

It was an amazing trip. Our first experience on a safari was unforgettable, and we both hope that one day we can return to another safari for a holiday. The different cultures we had the pleasure to interact with was very satisfying.

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Holly Hawks

I had extremely high expectations and they were met times 10!

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Catherine Streeter

The whole itinerary was perfectly suited to our young family and expertly put together thanks to the great advise of Monique. She really listened to our requirements.

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Kelly Pfingst

Graham and Maryanne Allen

Ashley Oost-Lievense

The only reason that I am not giving this a 5/5 is because, if I had known then what I know now, I absolutely would have stayed in continental Africa rather than flying to Mauritius after being in South Africa

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Ben Finney

Safari as fantastic; listening to roaring lions while in bed is totally surreal and something I will never forget. House of Wayne was poor. Had a great time in Mauritius. Hopefully our luggage will get back to us soon as well ;-)

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Katie Coviello & Steven Dodgion

Our trip was more than we ever could have imagined. Knowing the wide variety of lodging options, Caroline managed to pick out the perfects spots for us. We felt so well supported throughout the entire process from planning all the way through to the travels. This is a trip we both feel truly grateful to have experienced.

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Dr Todd & Mrs Tina Arsenault