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98% Client Satisfaction Rating
98% Client Satisfaction Rating
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Client Reviews

Honeymoon to South Africa

Anonymous, 9th March 2014
Overall Rating:

Birkenhead House was magnificent. Ngala Tented Camp blew us away.

Countries Visited

South Africa

“Loved safari and Hermanus; Cape Town was fun but I wouldn't have wanted more time there. We disliked the Winelands and wished we had skipped them.”

Accommodation Visited

Ngala Tented Camp

“Superb accommodation, tent and especially, guiding (thanks for requesting Derek!). Food was also unexpectedly excellent.”

Dulini River Lodge

“Disaster. We were placed into a recently (as in, within 2 weeks of our arrival) room. The room smelled of river water and had no rugs, since the rugs had been ruined in the flood. The floor was filthy and the room was filled to the brim with bugs, including a remarkably large millipede and, not joking, a full grown baboon spider. There was also, mysteriously, a bird poop on my pillow when we returned from our first game drive.

These were some of the worst accomodations I've ever stayed in! My theory is that they were airing the room out to get out the smell of muddy water, and in the course of doing so left the room open to invasion by bugs and birds.

Anyways, when the staff learned of our displeasure, we were promptly offered a switch to Leadwood. Leadwood was fine - the room was, of course, much nicer than the room at Exeter would have been even if not recently flooded. But then items and cash were stolen out of my wife's bag. The thief accidently stole a bag that had originally held expensive necklace, but for this trip was storing pair of worthless headphones. My wife also had a small amount of cash lifted from her "secret" backup stash. It wasn't worth bringing up, given the low value of the property that was taken - around $50 - but it certainly left a bad taste in our mouths.

Generally, we preferred game drives at Timbavati to those at Sabi Sands, as we found Sabi Sands to simply have too many people chasing the sightings.”

The Clarendon Bantry Bay

“Excellent, food at breakfast a bit disappointing but the room, setting and service was impeccable.”

Birkenhead House

“Among the best hotels I've ever stayed at - and I've stayed at many hotels in this class, so that's saying something. Extraordinary in all respects.”

Staff Review

“Staff was extremely responsive when we were delivered to the wrong airport. This was much appreciated by my wife and I.

Note, however, that I remain unsatisfied at not receiving a refund - even if only a partial refund - from Federal Air for dropping us off at the wrong airport. I expected a follow-up from the staff about this.”

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