Review by: Jessika & Matthew Barnes

Overall Impressions

WOW! Flawlessly planned - everything went off without a hitch. We were definitely grateful that we went through a travel company to organize everything. Every single day was an adventure. We anticipated this as a "once in a lifetime" trip for our honeymoon, but we will definitely be back!

Countries Visited



Accommodation Visited

Giraffe Manor

Amazing. The money was so well worth it. We felt like royalty and almost felt like we were being treated too good, ha! The giraffe interactions were worth the money in themselves, but the accommodation, staff, service, etc just made it that much more worth it.

Ole Sereni Hotel

Beautiful! Loved the views of the park and the easy access to Wilson.

Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge

Amazing. We're glad we did two parks so we could see the different wildlife, landscapes, views, etc. I think it would be useful to advise clients of what they can expect from each park (EG park rules), so that they know what they are choosing for each safari experience. For example, it was interesting that we couldn't drive off road or at night in Amboseli, but could in the Mara conservancy . This wouldn't have deterred us either way, but I'm sure some clients that ONLY stay in Amboseli might want to know this. The food and service were great!

Ol Seki Hemingways Mara

AMAZING! The tent we had was sooo special - with a private chef?! We were very lucky to have been paired with a pair that we actually got along with so well! If we did not have them, I'm sure it would have been a more awkward experience if we were paired with a couple we didn't enjoy (eating every meal, every game drive, etc). Our drivers were amazing as well! We were able to plan our meal times around night drives, afternoon drives, etc. The surprise bush breakfast was beautiful as well! Everything, JUST AMAZING. We will surely want to come back with our little ones :)

Hemingways Nairobi

Wish we could've stayed more than just 1 afternoon!

The Residence Zanzibar

It was good. Our room was beautiful, and tended to nicely. However, for how much we paid, there were a few "misses." Normally, we don't care about these things because we are not staying in such nice accommodations. Since we were, though, we had a bit higher of expectations. One major thing was the food - it was a buffet every day for breakfast/dinner (we were half board). There were no variations with breakfast, so thank goodness we enjoyed what was being served :) The dinners were "themed," and a lot of the food was not to our liking. (Don't get me wrong, we like to explore new foods, but every night, buffet style for 8 days is a lot). Therefore, we either ended up with upset or hungry stomachs. It would have been nice to have a sit down meal option as well. Many of the all inclusive resorts we've stayed at have this option in addition to the buffet. There was also one incident where we ordered breakfast on our door (per the instructions), as we were leaving for an adventure early the next day (6am). We woke up at 5am to be sure we were awake for the delivery, but nothing came. We checked the door, and the slip was never picked up. We called the front desk, and he said they forgot to pick it up. So they came and picked up the slip (about 5:50). As we were headed to the lobby to meet our driver, the receptionist went to go grab the food. Thankfully, we had something to eat, as we had 3 adventures before we were able to grab lunch (which ended up being around 3pm). However, it was nothing of what we ordered and definitely didn't hold us over until lunch. A bit disappointing, as it made a long day that much more unbearable. Again, we know they are human! But when we are paying this much for service, we expect quality. We also received the dinner on the beach as part of the honeymoon package. We saved this for our last night. Unfortunately, the weather was rainy all day, so they planned to have it in the dining room with the rest of the buffet guests (even though we asked the front desk about 2 hrs earlier, and they said we would still be having it on the beach). This was a bit disappointing because it had not rained for the past few hours and was not actively raining. After we were seated, though, it looked as if they had a "cirque de soleil" show for entertainment that night (which was why we weren't able to sit on the beach for our dinner). Thank goodness we didn't pay for this, because we would have been VERY mad. But a little upsetting that others received their dinner on the beach previous nights, but we didn't due to the night's entertainment. The beach also was not tended to very well. All of the staff were very nice! However, we would probably not return to this resort.

Staff Review

AMAZING! He tended to every question and request - big or small. We were very pleased with our Mahlatini experience, and will definitely be return customers in the future! Thank you for all of your help and patience.