Review by: Veena Ramaiah & Sunil Arora

Overall Impressions

Amazing lodges, guides, safaris. Well-organized. Incredible sights. We felt so well taken care of. And it felt very safe for me and my family. The guides worked hard to make sure we saw as much as possible. This was a life-changing trip.

Countries Visited


So pleasantly surprised. The people are so friendly, service is incredible, and everything is much cleaner than we expected such as public toilets. That was a small added bonus to not have to worry about that with the kids. Most important were the sights - seeing the animals was a once in a lifetime experience and we were all thrilled with what we saw. My daughters and step-daughters both said this was a life changing trip for them!

Accommodation Visited

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Beautiful place to spend the first night. And the food here was probably the best out of the places. All places had good food but this place was excellent.

The Manor at Ngorongoro

Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp

My only suggestion is to please ask if they can program the walkie-talkies to communicate between rooms. They have this at the Manor so it is nice to be able to call other rooms since there are no phones. The walkie-talkies only call the front desk. Otherwise absolutely incredible experience.

Tarangire Treetops

Suggestion same as above. Otherwise an amazing setting.

Staff Review

Helpful and proactive. We felt we got a reasonable price for the quality of the locations and services. Sometimes felt she was a little impatient with some of the requests but overall it was such an amazing experience that her planning expertise outweighed that. The only other suggestion was to pay attention more to little details - when spending this much money it is nice to trust the details. I felt I had to double check everything she sent since I found a few mistakes. They may have been minor but I have no idea if they would be a big deal later if not corrected at the time.