Review by: Cathie & Courtney Moreland

Overall Impressions

Loved every minute of it.

Countries Visited


People and places were all top notch.

Accommodation Visited

Mount Meru Hotel

Fine. Not there long but all was well. nice breakfast.

Maramboi Tented Camp

Loved our first stop! Very unique experience. Lovely but authentic setting. Gracious and efficient staff.Well appointed accommodations. Nice variety in the food. Seasoning of food was a little bland.

The Plantation Lodge

Beautiful property with nice staff. Not nearly as unique as other places we stayed. The idea that it was a more 'western' setting in between two more authentically African settings appealed to me in the planning stages but came to be a little boring compared to the more unique experiences. Never the less, a lovely property. Breakfasts and lunch 'baskets' were very good.

Mara Under Canvas

A great adventure. Felt very safe and cared for in a setting that I was not sure I would. Tent was comfortable, food was very good. Liked sampling some authentically African dishes. Staff was fun and attentive.

Staff Review

Donna listened the things I was interested in and planned a beautiful trip. There was some confusion about the program at Mara under Canvas. We had been told that they had their own guides and open vehicles. It turned out that this was not the case. We had 2 guides during the trip with the Land Cruiser vehicles from Predators. Both guides were excellent. We preferred the closed vehicles and were relieved to have them when we arrived at Mara. I am sure the fact that Mara under Canvas is new contributed to the confusion but I was a bit concerned by the misinformation. Other than that, I found the staff to be pleasant and helpful. We loved the trip that Donna planned for us and we felt it was a great value. We will be sure to recommend Mahlatini to others.