Review by: Rose Marie & Jennifer Sime

Overall Impressions

I loved our budget safari! I only take issue with the fact that overall there was a lack of security in both the Damaraland Adventure Camp because their radios were not working and they did not seemed concerned at all. They meaning the staff. This was also the case at the last camp where we stayed. On the last night all the staa left to setup a â?? bush barbecue â?? which was fabulous but in doing so they seemed to have left the camp unattended & some guests were there. Letâ??s remember the lobby and tents were in front and very close to a watering hole where black rhinos & lions come to drink.

Countries Visited


Namibia is fascinating and highly overlooked in the tourism area. It needs to be brought to the forefront. The landscape in the Damaraland area was surreal & looked like Mars. Nothing I have ever seen before. The wildlife can best be described as impressive especially in Etosha National Park where the main watering hole looked like a Biblical scene something like Noahâ??s Arc. Our guide named Papa G was outstanding. Knowledgeable about wildlife & the geological formation of Namibia. Loved every minute!!!

Accommodation Visited

Galton House

Food outstanding as well as service and very clean with a good location. Would recommend to anyone.

Kulala Adventurer Camp

For a budget safari it was excellent. The cook Moses took great pride in his work and was excellent as well as his assistant.

Hansa Hotel

European sophistication in Swakopmund. Excellent service & food.

Damaraland Adventurer Camp

The cook Leonora was very good but neither her nor Martha the other staff person there appeared to know what was going on. They also appeared uninterested for example when the radio stopped working.

Ongava Tented Camp

Great in every respect except when all the staff left to set up the bush barbecue and either the staff who was left did not make himself noticeable or there was really no one there. They also only had one staff person authorized to carry a rifle. They need more than one.

Staff Review

Claire put together for us the perfect budget safari without breaking the bank. I thought it was very well done and can only say that now I am compelled to return. Thanks for great memories!