Review by: Anonymous

Overall Impressions

Great holiday, so many memorable sights and experiences.

Countries Visited


Meet and greet at the airports was efficient and helpful. Lodge near the Crater was well located to cover all the parks, guide was friendly and tried to make our experience special.


Amazing stay in the Masai Mara, faultless service and guiding experience.


Our experience of spending time with the gorillas was a special once-in-a-lifetime experience but we did have some issues with accommodation on this part of the trip.

Accommodation Visited

The Plantation Lodge

Amazing accommodation, food and facilities, wish we had had more time in our schedule to relax in the surroundings.

Sand River Masai Mara

Accommodation, staffing, service and food were faultless - a truly luxurious safari experience.

Carpe Diem Guest House

Not really the "boutique hotel" we were expecting from the descriptions but the accommodation was functional and the owner went out of her way to provide good food and a take-away breakfast for us. No complaints in terms of it being adequate for our brief stay but perhaps photos and description were fairly inaccurate.

Gorilla Safari Lodge

Unfortunately, this was the part of the trip where we had the most free time and the lodge was basic, again not how it was described in the itinerary. The staff were very friendly but totally inefficient, the food was repetitive and often cold, milk ran out frequently, but more importantly the accommodation was cold. We appreciated that the rooms could not be heated and we were provided with hot water bottles but the main dining area was freezing, doors were left open and all the guests had to sit in jumpers and coats for meals. We suggested lighting the fire but the staff never managed to organise this even though they promised to look into it. I think this lodge needs more competition in the area to raise its game. Great location but not worthy of the prices they charge.

Staff Review

The itinerary covered all we wanted to see but with hindsight, feel we could have spent less time in Uganda where the facilities were restricted. Certainly, the pygmy walk could have been undertaken on the way from the airport to break the journey. On this part of the itinerary, everything seemed very spread out, with lots of spare time. All the instructions sent out were brilliantly detailed but needed to stress that the 15kg luggage limit was not just for one soft bag but all our luggage in total. We hadn't realised that hand luggage would be included. Claire was helpful and quick to answer my queries, providing great service to us but several times there was confusion when other members of the team used the wrong email address leading to delays in paying invoices.