Review by: Bill Passmore

Overall Impressions

Would have been 5/5 but for the serious problems at Hoanib which Greg is well aware of.

Countries Visited


Scenery stunning an animal viewing excellent

Accommodation Visited

Okonjima Luxury Bush Camp

Very interesting place doing excellent work with animals and the community. Accommodation and food first class. Our guide Gert was well informed and good company.

Doro Nawas Camp

Good apart from health and safety issues (which Greg is aware of)and staff training could probably be improved. The staff I think are mostly locals and some tended not to be very forthcoming (shy?). Our guide Collen was superb and made up for some of the camp's other deficiencies.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Would have been 5/5 if it hadn't been for the very serious food poising issue that my friend and traveling colleague Ann endured. Wilderness Management/Medical support's appalling, inadequate and insensitive reaction to it was terrible. Greg again is well aware of the issues. If this had happened in a European Country, the camp's kitchens would have been closed down immediately by the Health Authorities and not been allowed to reopen until the source of the poisoning had been established, dealt with and a protocol developed for the treatment of visitors in the case of such an event reoccurring. This protocol would certainly not include the victim having to take a 2/1/2 hour flight in a light aircraft in temperatures of c 40 celsius. I think the local staff did the best they could but they clearly had no para medical training and there seemed to be no camp infrastructure to deal with medical emergencies.

Staff Review

Excellent as always