Review by: Kirsty Gowton

Overall Impressions

Where do I start?! Each place we stayed just got better and better. We loved our safari so much that we were in tears when we left! Then we were in tears when we saw the Prince Maurice in Mauritius! The whole thing was amazing.

Countries Visited


It wasn't at all what I expected - but in a good way. The whole week was a highlight!

South Africa


Accommodation Visited

Constance Le Prince Maurice

I know a lot of places market themselves as "paradise" but this actually was! I regularly stay at The Crane in Barbados, so it was going to take a lot to wow me - and this place did.

Table Mountain Lodge

Amazing location, brilliant staff, lovely room with views of the mountain... what more could you need in Cape Town?!

Amakhala Reed Valley Inn

We were both in tears when we left as we didn't want to leave! It was the most amazing place - in fact, we want to go back asap!

Staff Review

Claire was fab. She put up with me (and still does) making random last minute changes, being cheeky and being a generally high maintenance customer. Nothing was too much trouble and every silly question I had was answered