Review by: Connor Scanlon & Caitlin Veilleux

Overall Impressions

We loved our trip except for a few incidences. We wish we were told that it was rainy season during the time we were on Safari and on Mauritius. Once we got to both locations, employees at each told us and while we both would have still said yes to going at least we would have known going in. We would have packed different clothes as it was raining all day every day when we were on safari and the correct clothing would have been helpful. We also would have gone into the situation with a different mindset, knowing the changes were higher.

Countries Visited

South Africa

We loved South Africa and will be back for sure. The food, the weather, the people that live there. We felt so welcome and really enjoyed all of our time there.


We didn't get to explore Mauritius as much as we would have liked. Our hotel was very far away from things to do on the island and we found everything very very expensive.

Accommodation Visited

The Clarendon Fresnaye

We loved this hotel. It was a smaller hotel on the residential side of town but knew the hotels location going into the trip. The employees that worked there, especially the front desk women, Emmy were all amazing and welcoming. Emmy helped explain where everything was, her favorite spots and was always willing to help make reservations or excursions. While the pool was small, we spent all of our time here out exploring the town.

Oude Werf Hotel

This hotel was fine. It was in a good part of town and we liked the old parts of the hotel. The room was just okay. A little dated but the breakfast was a good mix of food.

Ngala Safari Lodge

This hotel lodge would have been perfect if not for an incident we had during the first 2 days. There was a dead squirrel in our room and it smelled horrid in the room for a few days after we found it. While we know this was a mistake and hope that it does not happen often, the part we were mostly disappointed with was the fact that upper management didn't ask us if we were okay or anything about the incident. We could have made a huge issue about this and we didn't want to because of the other employees that worked at the lodge who were great. We just wish they asked if we were okay or wanted to move rooms. Our tracker, guide, butler, night guard and chef were all so friendly and made us feel so welcome. The food we had every day was great. Unfortunately, because we were here during an exceptionally rainy season we were not able to eat outside or enjoy breakfast on the trails.

Angsana Balaclava Mauritius

This hotel was more of a spa which was nice. We did have a great time at the actual spa. We did halfboard here (I am not sure if you can do full board?). Breakfast was okay but dinner was great. However lunch needed to be paid for and it was extremely expensive. A glass of wine at dinner was $15+. We are not sure if this is the case everywhere in Mauritius but we thought these prices were crazy. Even the local beer was $9+. The staff we encountered were really nice and helpful

Staff Review

Monique was very helpful with the planning process and helped us out when we were actually in Mauritius. We just wish we knew about rainy season and were aware of how expensive Mauritius would be so we weren't surprised when we were at each location. One other thing would have been helpful if it was explained to use the customary tipping that should be done at each place. We weren't sure and some places and it would have been helpful to know. She checked in on us when we had issues which was great. We have already given her email two 3 other individuals for planning these own vacations in the future.