Review by: Francisco Barbosa & Family

Overall Impressions

Wonderful and unforgettable experience for our family! Everything was very well organized!

Countries Visited


Beautiful landscapes. Amboseli was a wonderful surprise. Masai Mara, as expected, also magnificent.

Accommodation Visited

Eka Hotel

Fits well for what it is for... close to the airport and functional. Check in at the hotel in the "way back" should have been faster and simpler. Also, I believe we could have left for the airport a little bit later, avoiding staying so much time in the airport which is poor (but this is a detail).

Tortilis Camp

Beautiful camp, wonderful staff. Amazing stay!

Sand River Masai Mara

The setting is not as beautiful as the Tortilis camp. The tent was great though. The swimming pool (infrastructure and the swimming pool itself) is clearly not "qualified" for a luxury camp. Even though it is something not really important in the "geographical circumstances", the wifi was poor. Obviously, being in Africa I wasn't expecting quality wifi but the truth is we had a very good wifi in Tortelis camp. The staff was great and the overall stay was fantastic (but a level below the Tortelis camp).

Staff Review

Very helpful in trying to organize a memorable experience for our family! Thank you!