Review by: Benjamin Herring

Overall Impressions

This was the trip of a lifetime! We were so pleased with all the accommodations, food, and top-notch hospitality every step of the way.

Countries Visited


Our memories from Zimbabwe are the most vivid of all the places we visited. Everything was stunning--we loved our stay in Hwange Park and we adored our guide, Leo! We thoroughly enjoyed being in the lap of luxury amid the African bush. And the wildlife was spectacular! Even the times when we went out on our rides and didn't see animals, it was so nice to just enjoy being in the outdoors, breathing the fresh air and experiencing the pure blue sky. What a treat!

South Africa

South Africa was very nice, and we enjoyed learning about the nation's history and culture, especially how much of an impact Nelson Mandela made on the continent, and the world!


Gorgeous beaches, delicious food, cold drinks = recipe for a great time! We were in love with all the beautiful beaches that we got to enjoy while in Seychelles--the world's most beautiful! Our accommodations were lovely and we really enjoyed the resort.

Accommodation Visited

Ilala Lodge Hotel

Wow! What a treat this room was! We loved the hand-written note wishing us a happy anniversary as well as the champagne in the room. It was so cool that we could see the wildlife on the property from our balcony. Wonderful stay!

Little Makalolo Camp

If I could score Little Makololo higher, I would! This camp was breathtaking! How is it possible that we were treated with such luxury in the middle of the bush?! Amazing! The whole staff was top notch. Our favorite parts were enjoying the mid-morning tea and our sunset drinks while basking in the day with the wildlife. Cheers to Leo, our amazing guide! We simply cannot say enough good things about "Little Mak"--staying here was definitely the highlight of our trip. Even now that we're back at work, I keep daydreaming and reminiscing on the time we had with the friendly and hospitable staff there! Two thumbs up!

OR Tambo City Lodge

Clean and serviceable hotel with great breakfast. Very convenient location when we arrived at the airport!

Constance Ephelia Seychelles

Wonderful resort! Our room was amazing and we loved how gorgeous the beaches were!

Staff Review

Claire did an amazing job helping us plan the best trip we've ever taken. Thnk you so much, Claire, for helping create these memories for us--we are forever grateful to you for your expertise! Also, a special shout-out to Leo at Little Makololo for being such a patient, attentive, and professional guide! His professionalism was simply outstanding and he ensured we had the most wonderful time on our vacation! Leo, if you're ever in USA, please reach out to us--we're your friends for life!