Review by: Maeve Macdermott Casement and David Browne

Overall Impressions

We had an amazing trip. We enjoyed every minute of it. There was no stress at all. All transfers were on time and well organised and were expecting us. We were totally relaxed within a few days of arriving in Zanzibar. I couldn't recommend Stuart/Mahlatini highly enough.

Countries Visited


Zanzibar was beautiful. It really had all the elements of the iconic tropical paradise; beach, palm trees, crystal clear water, snorkelling, scuba etc. It was upsetting to see the poverty of the general population of Zanzibar, but good to see too.


Short stay of 1 night at airport hotel.


South Luangwa was a great place to see animals on safari. The weather was perfect, and we could get quite close to the animals. The density of animals and the regularity with which you see them had us spoiled!


Beautiful landscapes set Botswana aside. The safaris were fantastic. There is a lower density of game in Botswana it seems due to the wide areas over which they can roam. This is more than made up for by the spectacular scenery however.


The falls were spectacular. It was fun to roam around Vic Falls town, shops, and markets. One negative is that there are continuous helicopter flights over the falls during the day which take away from the atmosphere somewhat.

Accommodation Visited

Four Points by Sheraton Nairobi Airport

Comfy airport hotel with a good breakfast that started at 5 am.

Mfuwe Lodge

Mfuwe lodge was perfect for us. Our guide Jon was great fun and very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The lodge was surrounded by game all through the day and night. The food was good and the staff were friendly. The room was very comfortable. I loved chilling out during the day in the room and watching the wildlife go by outside the room. We actually saw a lion at about 2 pm!

Hyena Pan Tented Camp

This was slightly disappointing. The Camp is quite far from the safari area. It can take up to 1 hour to drive to/from the main safari. The Camp is a bit less luxurious than what we were used to on the trip to that point! The food was slightly lower standard than other places too. There wasn't as much to look at during the day as in Mfuwe or the same feel of being part of nature. There are continuous elephant visits right to the Camp which is cool. The staff were very friendly.

Ilala Lodge Hotel

Ilala Resort had a very colonial feel, and was very comfortable. We ate in the hotel restaurant which was the nicest food we had. I ate crocodile risotto and Maeve had ostrich!