Review by: Michelle Varandmal & Nathan Gill

Overall Impressions

We both absolutely loved our holiday! Everything was more than what we expected. The travel was very smooth and the coordination among the teams excellent.

Countries Visited


Love, love, loved it! This was or favourite part of our trip. People were nice, smart and spoke English really well! All the guides and hotel staff were personable and to a certain extent, tried to make a personal connection to us.


Zanzibar has some fantastic beaches and excellent food! We also took the historic stone town tour and had a deeper understanding of the island and its history The challenge for us was the airport but believe this will be resolved as the new airport is about to open soon

Accommodation Visited

Karen Blixen Camp

This was by far, our favourite resort! The rooms were great and comfortable - overlooking the river with hippos. Jack (our guide) and Faith (our meal server) made the experience so personable and great - they even surprised us with a bush breakfast! We also loved the various causes that the camp was supporting. I know that there are other resorts that have nicer rooms, food, etc but our experience and how the hotel managed everything makes us really rate this resort highly. P.S. Not a really bad thing but I think the hotel food options could be better in terms of healthy selections. Again, not a bad thing but would only increase their potential.

Lewa Safari Camp

Coming from Karen Blixen, we had high expectations and at face value, Lewa Sanctuary were poised to meet it - rooms were nice (with 24hr hot water and wifi), excellent lunch and dinner, nicer pool plus a nice lounge to relax in the evenings. The main difference is the people - we just felt we had a better connection with the staff in Karen Blixen and interactions were less robotic with the restaurant and bar staff. Having said that, Sacha, the hotel manager really engages the guests and makes them feel at home. Food here is much better in comparison to Karen Blixen for lunch, tea and dinner. The main draw back is breakfast as there were very limited options.

Konokono Beach Resort

Extremely beautifully set property! Loved the location on the beach with the infinity pool and the nearby beach bar. The rooms were tastefully styled as well. We also loved the availability of water sports and activities we could do. Beach was a great way to relax after the early rises due to safaris as you could have very lazy mornings The main drawback for us is: (1) servers - here is a bit awkward in comparison to Kenya but maybe itâ??s just because of cultural differences and (2) breakfast food choices were the same day by day and could get a bit monotonous

Staff Review

Excellent! I believe you captured our brief and requirements accurately and met them - travel and itinerary was seamlessly done so made for smooth travel. I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone I know who is looking to travel to Africa or planning a honeymoon