Review by: Henry Carlos Stewart Carlo

Overall Impressions

Very well organized at all levels. Efficient rangers and personnel at lodges. Helpful and prone to smiling at all times. Made life easy and pleasant to be with such efficient professionals. Exiting, interesting and enjoyable times when out looking for animals. In some cases, exceptional leopards, wild dogs, elephants, lions, etc., etc.

Countries Visited


Lovely country with lovely, pretty well educated, friendly people. In comparison with other African countries, cleanliness and hygiene levels are positively high.. top notch Safari destination!!!

Accommodation Visited

Chobe Under Canvas

Fantastic experience, but once is enough. Fantastic group of employees and sorroundings

Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

Of all the lodges visited the best as regards to quality - architecture, beautiful, highest quality accommodation and amenities. In my opinion, personnel at this lodge were exceptional in all respects, especially so in the entertainment of guests.

Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Pretty close to XUDUM..., only half a step down from maximum level.

Jack's Camp

Exceptional and exclusive experience. I thought I had seen it and experienced all that Safaris could offer; Jack's Camp was truly and positively unusual. Wild animals, bushman Cobra, Villa de ranger, the tented accommodation, food and so on - what quality and uniqueness!!! Congratulation to the guys at Jack's Camp. Thank you for a lovely time.

Staff Review

Just one word ... "exceptional" in all respects.