Review by: Ashley Oost-Lievense

Overall Impressions

The only reason that I am not giving this a 5/5 is because, if I had known then what I know now, I absolutely would have stayed in continental Africa rather than flying to Mauritius after being in South Africa

Countries Visited

South Africa

I cannot wait to go back. I have been fortunate to go on some amazing trips in my life, and have to say that our experience at Ngala was the most incredible, moving trip I have ever been on. The people at the lodge were unbelievably welcoming, knowledgeable, and just generally fun to be around and, of course, the game viewing and surroundings were just breathtaking. Truly incredible. I would love to go back and spend more time both at this lodge again, but also at other parts of South Africa.


It is hard to compete with South Africa, which is likely unfairly coloring my rating here. It is a lovely place, but coming from the US, probably not worth the extra travel (vs. other places) given we're spoiled here and it is so easy to get to equally lovely places in the Caribbean, etc. It is also not a place where one would be inclined to go outside and explore on your own outside of the resort. Everything seems to need to be done through a planned excursion, which I personally don't love.

Accommodation Visited

Ngala Safari Lodge

Please see above comments under South Africa, but if I could give this a 6/5 I would. I cannot recommend this lodge enough and, in particular, our guide Jappi and our tracker, Harold, made it an absolutely wonderful experience. I cannot wait to go back.

LUX* Belle Mare

The service was lovely. That said, the reason it is getting a slightly lower rating is that I would not recommend it for people looking for a more adult resort. It very much caters to children and families. The rooms are very average. (And to be fair - we requested this hotel vs. Mahlatini recommending it - so we won't make that mistake again!)

Staff Review

Bjorn was extremely responsive including while we were traveling and was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend and look to have Bjorn help us again!