Review by: Ben Finney

Overall Impressions

Safari as fantastic; listening to roaring lions while in bed is totally surreal and something I will never forget. House of Wayne was poor. Had a great time in Mauritius. Hopefully our luggage will get back to us soon as well ;-)

Countries Visited


We felt very well pampered in Nairobi and our driver George was especially nice. Safari location was very varied, lots of different terrain so lots of animals. Shame we missed a leopard, but totally appreciate that they're not on a schedule and hiding is in their nature. Excursions to the elephant orphanage and giraffe centre were an ideal start to viewing animals. Mat bronze was a great recommendation for lunch - bit of space for the kids to run about and of course the bronze sculptures everywhere. Steer clear of the kids' pizzas though, the toasted sandwiches are the way forward! Eating at carnivore was a brilliant experience, thanks to Claire for that recommendation.


I cannot think of any way that our accommodation in Mauritius could have been improved. Only niggle was that we were expected to go to a desk on arrival, rather than looking for someone with a name board outside the arrivals area as we did. That information never made it to us. The drinks were very expensive, but a well-informed duty free purchase and use of the local shops for mixers solved that problem.

Accommodation Visited

House of Waine

As above.

Ol Seki Hemingways Mara

Wonderful accommodation. Listening to lion roaring and hyenas... making whatever their noises are, while in bed at night was amazing. Our tent was HUGE, totally not what I think of when I picture a tent. The staff were all very nice. Food was fantastic for us adults, though I would say having something a bit more simple for the kids would have been an improvement. They didn't eat much. I asked for no salads for them and that change was accommodated. Excursions were very expensive though. We would have done a balloon ride and/or the day long drive to see the big migration if costs were less extreme. We did opt to do the trip to the Massi (sp?) village. It deteriorated into a bit of a feeding frenzy, with the ladies there putting all sorts of bracelets and crap on our children and then quoting us a ridiculous sum of money for the things we actually wanted. We provided this feedback also to the camp, and hope that can be addressed in future.

Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa

Fantastic place. Picture postcard stuff, as I expect for Mauritius. Rooms were very nice, the outdoor shower was an especially nice touch. Location of the rooms was spot on as well, thanks to Claire for sorting that. Kids' club was good, but quite quiet, so our ones had more than a fair share of Henna tattoos. The activities they ran were quite adventurous as well. My kids tried water skiing and kayaking; most clubs are quite risk averse and don't offer that sort of excitement! Only niggle was the cost of the drinks. 100 rupees for a bottle of water, and no free water at mealtimes (except breakfast). Fortunately I had some duty free with me, and a walk to the local shops yielded cheap mixers!

Staff Review

Very available, answered my emailed questions really quickly - even after the 100th email! When we couldn't find our driver upon return to Nairobi she was available on the phone and sorted the issue for us very quickly. I'd very happily organise another holiday with her, and recommend her personally to anyone wanting to book a safari or twin centre holiday.