Review by: Katie Coviello & Steven Dodgion

Overall Impressions

Our trip was more than we ever could have imagined. Knowing the wide variety of lodging options, Caroline managed to pick out the perfects spots for us. We felt so well supported throughout the entire process from planning all the way through to the travels. This is a trip we both feel truly grateful to have experienced.

Countries Visited

South Africa

South Africa is absolutely beautiful. It was so refreshing to be around locals that love the land and the animals. It was unlike any place we have ever experienced and the memories will stay with us for a lifetime.


Seychelles itself was beautiful and the locals were beyond welcoming! Knowing we likely got quite lucky with our resort, every time we ventured out we were quick to want to return back - which is very unlike us!

Accommodation Visited

Monwana Game Lodge

There are not enough words or ways to express how special of a place Monwana is. The staff were some of the most caring, genuine and friendly people I have ever met. They were beyond accommodating and we felt right at home. While at first I was hesitant to stay at such a small lodge I could not be more thankful that we did. We feel truly lucky we were able to get to know other guests and the staff so well. Major hat tip to our Ranger (Doc) and Tracker (Rinnecon) - they made each trip out into the bush thrilling! Monwana will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Carana Beach Hotel

This place felt like a tiny piece of paradise on the island. The small beach was beautiful and secluded - each time we went to visit another beach we quickly realized our hotel had one better! We are also so glad we upgraded our room to have the plunge pool. I think we spent 70% of our time there - it was so nice to have that beautiful space to spend time together, just us two! The food was great and the drinks were reasonably priced. My one complaint was being sold to take a day trip to La Digue but not being warned of how rough the sea was on the ferry ride over. Passengers were getting sick left and right - it really put a damper on the rest of the day. I would recommend advising the Mason team to recommend to those that sign up to take motion sickness medicine. It's such a simple recommendation and would have made the trip much more enjoyable.

Staff Review

Caroline managed to plan a trip so perfect for the two of us and did so with only knowing very little about us each. I am so thankful to her for every little detail, from the small lodge at Monwana to helping us upgrade our room at Carana. She was so patient with us and made everything, even the planning, feel special. This was truly a trip of a lifetime, I can't tell you how many times my husband and I said to each other 'this could not imagine a more perfect honeymoon if we tried'. 'Thank you' will never be enough!