Review by: Shannon Emerick and Brian Shevenaugh

Overall Impressions

Absolutely wonderful, flawless from start to finish, had a fabulous time!

Countries Visited


Loved it! Very far but worth it for a two week trip. We used the company Connections that did our transfers to do two day trips as well, which I would highly recommend.

Accommodation Visited

Constance Belle Mare Plage

We loved both properties. Belle Mare Plage was maybe a little more formal that we were used to, but great for a honeymoon. Really nice grounds and layout, loved the food and the golf. Nice time diving, snorkeling. They upgraded our room to a junior suite. We found it odd that neither resort really had a hottub - only a small one that wasn't all that great in the spa itself. Is that American of us? We would have loved it.

LUX* Le Morne

Loved this place! The Lux* character was so fun and we seemed to mesh with it a little bit more. Food was out of this world. Made us feel so welcome and special with the honeymoon stuff. Maybe the room was a little older... Would have loved to be in a suite on the beach but I'm sure that would be more expensive.

Staff Review

Fabulous! Easy to get in touch with even over the phone. Highest recommendation!