Review by: William MacNaull & Colette Sabourin MacNaull

Overall Impressions

We did all the things we wanted to do: sunset cruises and dining on the Zambezi, walking safaris, sky beds, and quad biking on the desert. We also had some unique experiences like pushing the Land Rover when it got stuck in the sand with lions snoozing nearby and surviving the relatively open camp at Kapamba. If there was one down side it was the amount of travel and number of flights.

Countries Visited


Zambia as a country reminded us of Botswana in that it was progressive, modern, safe and the people seemed to be happy and enjoying life.


Namibia, the desert area, was quite amazing and truly a spectacular place. A trip to Southern Africa, especially if close by in say Botswana, should include a few days in Namibia. Again like Zambia, prosperous, safe and modern with great people.

Accommodation Visited

Chiawa Camp

We loved being on the iconic Zambezi: it is like it symbolizes Africa. And being on the river meant that one had an option for the days activities. As for the lodge and staff, first rate. Juliet was just lovely and the food great. If there was a downside, it was that we did not see many lions (two actually) or cats.

Chindeni Bushcamp

We believe that staying at a bush camp brings one about as close to 'wild Africa' as you are likely to get. A must for true Safari goers. The camp was as one would expect a bush camp to be and the experience great. The Lodge we had was very comfortable. This is where we helped push the Land Rover out of the sand.

Kapamba Bushcamp

A true bush camp experience. The openness of the tented accommodation was exciting especially when an elephant bumped the tent in the middle of the night and rattled the accordion style gates. One could have reached through the gate and touched it. Colette thought something big was in the tent! We will talk about this experience for a while. Needless to say, our friends here think we have 'lost it' but then they do not understand.

Galton House

We didn't spend much time at Galton House as we arrived quite late and left first thing in the morning. The breakfast was very good. It would have been nice to have the opportunity to actually visit Windhoek. The airport driver found us a great gift shop on the way to the airport: a must stop. Too bad it is part of a taxidermy facility.

Little Kulala

Little Kulala was fabulous and the landscape unbelievable. With daytime temperatures reaching 46 Celsius we were glad to have AC. ( we were told Kulala Desert Lodge has no AC. ) The accommodation was first rate with the plunge pool and sky bed and the main lodge was exquisite. The staff were very attentive and were able to tailor your day to make the most of your time there. We choose a second day of quad biking as opposed to another Safari drive.

Staff Review

This is a very difficult question. I have often wondered if there were other jobs around like Greg's. There is an expression " if you love what you do , you will never work a day in your life". I think this epitomizes the people at Mahlatini. They are passionate about their work, they listen to what you want to do and experience and put it all together. We would not likely have gone to Africa three times if it were not for Greg and his team. PS we are available to be Mahlatini's Canadian ambassadors.