Review by: Alex Iftimie

Overall Impressions

We had a great time.

Countries Visited


We loved it. A great stop! Being American it did feel a lot like the Caribbean. Because it took so long to get here, I'm not sure we'd recommend it over the islands that are much closer to home.


We enjoyed it. The animals were breathtaking. We had a few hours in Nairobi on our way home. The driver took us to a market where there were no price tags and that felt like a waste of our time. If that is not something you are up for, not the best place to stop. The other market had price tags but also felt overly touristy.

Accommodation Visited

Constance Ephelia Seychelles

This was a big resort that did a good job to make things feel small. We loved our bungalow cottage. If bikes did not come with the room to help us get around the property I think we would have had a different experience. They were a must.

Ole Sereni Hotel

We stayed here very briefly on our way to safari. For our Honeymoon they went over the top and put flowers on our bed and had wine for us.

Saruni Samburu

This place was exceptional. Our favorite stop on our honeymoon.

Saruni Mara

After staying at the sister property this stop felt over-rated. Our safari guide John really made the trip. Our room when we arrived was filled with thousands of bugs and we felt bad about asking for another room. We were surprised no one had checked the lights were on with the door open. It was small details like that we felt were lacking. The property manager was on holiday and maybe that is why some things were not perfect.

Staff Review

Stuart was responsive and helpful. One thing that would have been helpful would be for him to have first hand knowledge of all the properties to help us decide where to go. That part of the planning was hardest for us- picking where to go and picking what would be best for us. There were many options.