Review by: Evan Feinberg

Overall Impressions

Amazing trip and experience, we loved our time in Africa with the &Beyond; properties and their staff at each property.

Countries Visited


Great experience in the Masai Mara and with the staff at Bataleur Camp. Several other guests at the property had specific expectations with regards to their trip timelines and itineraries and the staff did their best to keep the other guests preferences or needs from affecting our own. Crossing from Tanzania to Kenya was a bit bumpy with customs charging us differing and inconsistent amounts for souvenir import fees and our guide designated to handle the border crossing being relatively not proactive and absentee from the process. Otherwise great experience.


Tanzania was great and left a real impression on us. The staff at Manyara and Ngorongoro with &Beyond; were fantastic. Seamless flight transfers and road transfers. Guide handing off from Manyara to Ngoragora allowed us to made a few unscheduled road stops for shipping and errands which we greatly appreciated.

Accommodation Visited

Tamarind Tree Hotel

Clean, efficient, attractive hotel. Only stayed while on a one night layover in Nairobi but enjoyed our stay and got restful sleep here on comfortable bed with a nice room. Felt like a safe and secure property.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Unique and attractive property. Appreciated the bug netting. Staff were attentive, pleasant, felt like we were at home. Great safari guide!

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Great property and room, great staff especially our Safari guide and butler. Would give mixed reviewed for the Maasai Village tour. On one hand, great to see and appreciate local culture and ways of life, on the other it was a relatively short tour and costly for the time there ($60 for 30 minutes or so) and while the experience certainly added to the trip and felt essential, it might not be for everyone.

Bateleur Camp

Great property and views in the room and game viewing. Felt less personal than the other properties we stayed out probably due to its size and number of guests compared to the other property. Staff were accommodating though at times we felt particularly aware that they were going out of there way to be accommodating because several other guests had specific needs and expectations that went against the flow of our needs and timeline but staff handled that well. Would have appreciated more entree dinner options (only one offered a night) though we found the chef was amazing and always willing to accommodate a request for a substitute chicken or beef meal if requested. That seemed to be a common theme at &Beyond;- if you ask you tend to get but you need to know to ask and feel comfortable to ask for things.

Staff Review

Michelle was great and put an amazing trip and itinerary together for us in an extraordinarily short amount of time. She was easy to reach, tailored her hours to accommodate us, and was always helpful and very knowledgeable. Her first hand experience and experience with our properties was clear from the beginning and drew us to work with her. Can't recommend highly enough. Pleasure to work with.