Review by: Travis Wert & Emily Lenahan

Overall Impressions

We had such a wonderful experience. It was everything we could have hoped for on a honeymoon. The logistics were easy and we were definitely glad to not have to worry about it!

Countries Visited


Kenya (and the Masai Mara Reserve in particular) was definitely our favorite destination of the trip. We saw so many different animals (2 prides of lions, black rhino, lots of antelope, zebras, giraffes, baboons, and many others). We'll definitely be back for the great migration!


Zanzibar was definitely beautiful and we had some wonderful experiences, but was more "buggy" than we had expected and much more tropical. At least in our area, the beaches were small. However, the tropical part of Zanzibar was unexpectedly pretty so that was a nice treat!

Accommodation Visited

Hemingways Nairobi

We were only here for a quick night, but we wish we had been able to stay longer. It felt like an oasis in Nairobi. The staff was a little disorganized with our departure logistics, but otherwise we enjoyed the resort.

Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp

We cannot highly recommend enough Kichwa Tembo! Number one is the food. My wife and I are foodies and we were stunned at how good the food at Kichwa Tembo was, especially for being a buffet. Not only did we not have a bad meal, we never had a bad dish, let alone a mediocre dish. Every single thing was phenomenal. Number two is the staff. We felt like we were being spoiled the entire trip. From the coffee when we landed to the butler to Chef George saying hi to us every meal, the service was impeccable. The rooms themselves were very luxurious for a bush camp, but it also was tasteful to blend into the topography, which we definitely appreciated.

Zuri Zanzibar

After staying at Kichwa Tembo, it was hard to compare anything to it, but we did really enjoy Zuri. There were a few "annoyances" throughout but none that were truly that bad (having to reserve dinner at one of the restaurants ahead of time, a very limited menu most dinners, having a "private beach" that was basically empty, ants EVERYWHERE, expensive cocktails). We enjoyed the food, even if it was a little fancier than we normally would choose. The highlight for us was the spice garden tour and cooking class. The spice garden was one of the most intricate and beautiful places we've seen and we cooked almost 10 courses in our cooking class; it was a real treat!

Staff Review

Nikki was great. She was helpful throughout the process in providing options and recommendations. One suggestion might be to more easily lay out what options are around the costs of upgrades or extra nights, etc., as well as more easily detailing the potential add-on activities. I felt like I had to ask a few times about them (especially in regard to pricing and booking) and each time something changes -- totally understandable, but it was harder for us to follow. The whole team was very receptive to me each time I called in, and that I really appreciated!