Review by: Nicole Thurlow

Overall Impressions

We absolutely our trip!! We loved Hemingways, Giraffe Manor and especially Cottar's! We would have loved to see the Nairobi National Park as we heard there were great animals to see there and we had a bit of down time in Nairobi. We had an entire Friday afternoon free. It was also not always clear the times we should get to the airport, for example Giraffe Manor to our flight to Diani we sat at the airport nearly 4 hours because no one was really aware of when we should leave. The same thing happened leaving Diani beach and even going from Hemingways to safari.

Countries Visited


We loved the people and the food and everything about Kenya! We will definitely be back!!! Everyone was so nice.

Accommodation Visited

Cottar's 1920's Safari Camp

Everything from pick up at the airstrip to drop off was a 10 star experience. I don't think any other camp will ever live up to our expectations after this! It was stunning, we loved our guide, saw tons of animals, they planned so many great activities for us and the food and drinks were fantastic. We even did e-bikes, a bush run, massages, bush bath and sun downer drinks in the villa! Wilson had lots of beers prepared for our 3 hour journey from the airstrip to the camp and welcome bags, masks and water bottles it was a great start! We'll never forget our time here!!

Hemingways Nairobi

Loved the pool here and the suites are all gorgeous! The staff were nice, we really enjoyed our time here (we even went 2 nights early here not on the Mahlatini itinerary).

Giraffe Manor

Incredible experience!!! Food, drinks, giraffes, rooms overall entire experience was absolutely amazing. We would highly recommend this to everyone! The staff was also fabulous!

AfroChic Diani Beach

This was an interesting one. I was not too keen at all about the food/drink situation here. The staff were nice to the extent they could be. There was a large family of 16 staying here and I would recommend in the future if a boutique hotel is 90% booked by one single group that you recommend an alternative to that for couples traveling. We likely wouldn't go back to Diani or an Elawana property. The family turned out to be one of the richest in Kenya so I see why the staff was so attentive to them- but at our expense (and on our honeymoon) it was not overly appreciated. We didn't do any activities here or see anything either.

Staff Review

Stuart was great to work with!! Not sure if it was his fault or the operations team but I was very regularly finding big errors in the itineraries and details we were sent (wrong hotels, mixed up dates etc). Which was slightly concerning. Stuart had great recommendations though and was very helpful through the changing Covid plans and also for getting us into Cottars and Giraffe Manor was absolutely incredible so we are so appreciative of this! I think the overall honeymoon was everything we imagined and definitely special, thanks to Stuart's planning around a global pandemic and getting this to happen! Alfred and Nancy from andbeyond on foot in Nairobi were excellent they were great with our requests to see things or stop for food etc.!