Review by: Jaclyn Kerigan

Overall Impressions

Still wake up from a our blissful haze as this trip was an absolute dream. Every detail was planned down to most menial detail and we had a perfect time. We lived like royalty for the entirety of our trip. From getting to know others on Safari and and comparing, we stayed at the best of the best. Even our guide said we were getting the best possible experience with our lodges and camps, and really seeing and doing amazing things. 10/10 for Mahlatini! I will be recommending this company for any trip to everyone I know in the future. Africa is stunning, you have to go!

Countries Visited


Such a rich place to visit with amazing parks, wonderful lodging, rich culture and history and wonderful people. I don't think we missed out at all just staying in Tanzania.

Accommodation Visited

Mount Meru Hotel

The staff did an amazing job making special provisions for our honeymoon. We rested well and had a very good breakfast the next day.

Lake Burunge Tented Camp

So cool! Our first night in a luxury tent and it was so fun! The service at all of the Tanganyika Wilderness Camps was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! All of the food was great, and the whole experience 10/10.

Ngorongoro Farm House

Our suite was massive and the tub an absolute dream! Staying here 3 nights was such a good idea on Monique's part. We loved Karatu and our itinerary while here was really well played out. We did so much, but never really felt tired. Dinners here were my favorite and I can't echo enough how great all of our experiences with TWC were!

Kubu Kubu Tented Camp

This was our favorite! I'm a big fan of an outside shower, but this will be at the top for the rest of my life. Just when we thought we had seen it all...we got here and the view of sunset of Serengeti took our breath away! Wonderful room with a the best view, amazing staff, great food. We were sad to go.

Kati Kati Mara Tented Camp

A totally different stay than everywhere else. A good ending to our trip. It was definitely the first time we felt like we were camping, although it was still leaps and bounds more luxurious than any camping I'd done. A more laid-back vibe was actually a great way to end our time on the mainland. You really feel like a part of the wildlife and it was such a beautiful thing to be so close to them.

Breezes Beach Club & Spa

AN INCREDIBLE PLACE! This resort exceeded our expectations by a million! I've stayed all over the Caribbean in beautiful resorts, so I was a little skeptical at first, but I was such a fool! Zanzibar is incredible beautiful! I wish it weren't so far away from us here in the U.S because I would love to regularly go back. We were truly made to feel at home and the staff and service here was TOP NOTCH! This the was absolute best way to end our honeymoon and time in Africa.

Staff Review

I mainly worked with Monique Van Eden and I will never be able to thank her enough or sing loud enough praises. She did a spectacular job!!!! Our trip was an absolute dream...every single minute of it! She and Steve were both so easy to communicate with (despite a few continents and a big time change) and we're very informative. We felt, and were,100% prepared. Read the things they send you, do what they ask, and trust the process. Everything was taken care of and we had anything we could've needed. Also as a side note, I read a lot of articles online amd thought I needed a lot more than I actually did. I wasted a lot of money on things I might have used if we weren't staying in such nice places, but that I didn't even end up packing. I should've stuck with only reading through the information Mahlatini sent us. It was more than enough and would've had us 100% prepared without wasting money on silly things. Other people who had been also told us we needed lots of things we didn't. Again, the information you provided would've been more than enough. I'm not sure if I just hadn't fully understood how luxurious our trip was, but were VERY comfortable everywhere we stayed.