Review by: Gavin Bettencourt

Overall Impressions

Absolutely phenomenal. The shapes, sounds and colors of Africa were mind-blowing and the service we experienced there was the best we've ever had. Steve did a killer job pinpointed what we wanted and made it happen.

Countries Visited


Loved ever second of it. The guide was amazing and the staff anticipated every need. My only complaint is that the food menu at bateleur camp was a fixed menu and we didn't always care for what was being served, although the food quality was always too notch. Kenya was my wife's favorite of the honeymoon


Tanzania was my favorite due to the amazing lodge at bushtops. The staff was so friendly and went above and beyond each day. The food was great and a la carte and we got to see some awesome river crossings. Loved it here and would love to try mara bushtops some day


Most of our expectations were met but we didn't realize until getting there that it was a spanish resort. 90% of guests were from Spain so we were disappointed to not find any Americans to mingle with, even though we met many in the airport that went to other islands. The service was also not great and they forgot a lot of our drink orders. The spa was underwhelming and although we spent quite a bit of money there, we felt the massages and facials weren't very good. Lastly, we felt the â??all inclusiveâ?￾ wasnt very all inclusive. It required strict european eating hours (7pm-10pm) or you get charged in full, no room service and no butler. So it was hard to go from getting all that in africa to a lower level of service that would be superior in places like mexican all inclusive resorts weâ??ve been to that are much less expensive. They even wouldnt let us use our all inclusive benefits as we sat all afternoon waiting for our boat transfer once we checked out. Half the restaurants and bars were closed. Many activities were impossible to do because there were so few people there that there were no other bookings for activities that required a minimum number of guests to attend.

Accommodation Visited

Hemingways Nairobi

Didn't do much but sleep but it seemed like a really cool place!

Bateleur Camp

Serengeti Bushtops

The Residence Maldives

Staff Review

Steve was awesome before and during the trip. My only piece of feedback would be for the Maldives and to book resorts that cater more towards the nationality of the guest. The residence Maldives was almost exclusively non-english speakers from Spain, even though the staff were all fluent. So it was hard to be social with other guests. Other than that, Steve did a great job and we are very pleased. We'd love to work with him again